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Smart Africa and GITEX Africa Partner to Drive Digital Transformation in Africa

A Platform for Ministerial peer exchange and Digital Health Leadership

GITEX AFRICA and Smart Africa join forces, a landmark partnership brings the 2nd Ministerial peer exchange, the inaugural Africa Digital Health Leadership Forum, and the 3rd CAITA meeting to GITEX Africa 2024. This power-packed event unites leaders in healthcare, ICT, and government to explore digital solutions shaping Africa's future. Don't miss this crucial platform for collaboration and innovation.


Ministerial Training: E-Government Policy and Strategy

The “E-Government Policy and strategy” lays a foundation for an understanding of policy and strategy with regards to e-enabled services in government and in other sectors of the economy and introduce the ways in which information and communication technology (ICT) is affecting access to information and how governments, in turn, are using and managing these technologies to better provide information and services to the public.

Duration: The learning journey will span over half-day.

Delivery Mode/Location: The program is designed for in-person delivery in Morocco during GITEX Africa. The one-day program taking till take place on 28 May, 2024 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel by invitation only.


Council of African IT Agencies (CAITA)

The Council of African IT Agencies (CAITA) is the latest organ meeting of Smart Africa comprising of IT agencies from Smart Africa member states, established to promote collaboration and cooperation in the field of Information Technology across the African continent. The Council serves as a platform for member states IT agencies to share knowledge, resources, and best practices in IT development and implementation, with the aim of advancing technology in Africa.

The Council also provides a forum for member agencies to discuss policy and regulatory issues related to IT and to work together to develop solutions. The CAITA meeting will gather periodically, to allow discussion and deliberation on matters pertinent to IT development in Africa.

The third edition of the CAITA will be held during the GITEX AFRICA in Marrakesh on 29 May, 2024.


Africa's Inaugural Digital Health Leadership Forum

A unique gathering bringing together the continent's most influential health, and ICT leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers to explore the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of healthcare in Africa.

As Africa embraces the digital revolution, digital health has emerged as a critical catalyst for innovation and progress in the health sector. This forum will delve into the exciting opportunities and pressing challenges that lie ahead, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders. It will provide an exclusive space for African governments especially Digital Health key stakeholders to connect, collaborate, share experiences, and best practices.

The one-day forum, co-hosted by Smart Africa, Africa CDC and GITEX, will feature interactive thematic sessions, networking event and will take place on 31st May 2024 at GITEX AFRICA in Marrakech, Morocco

Join us as we develop engaging conversations, promote innovation and knowledge exchange to reimagine healthcare for a healthier Africa.