GITEX AFRICA Digital Summit is poised to be the Africa’s most influential and outcome-focused forum for dialogues, exchanges and collaborative intentions, bringing together 400+ global and pan-African government and private sector leaders, policy makers, technology and finance executives, investors and academics unified towards Africa’s transformation into a single digital market. The Summit will accentuate the vast potential of the globe’s youngest continent and shape the vision for a more connected, sustainable, inclusive, and tech-driven digital economy. Established through the one-of a kind collaboration between two forward-thinking countries, the Summit is the only global platform focused on realizing Africa’s long-term opportunities through global stakeholder engagement. Impactful partnerships between governments and the private sector will be announced from collaborations on digital infrastructure projects and capacity building initiatives, to agreeing on solutions to boost regional interconnection.


Are you ready to transform your business and stay ahead of the curve in a global economy beset by inflation? Look no further then GITEX AFRICA CEO Forum- the premier gathering of pan African business leaders and investors. Join top executives as they discuss the latest strategies for diversifying investments and revenue streams, leveraging AI, blockchain and automation to improve business processes and reduce costs.




As the world turns its attention to AFRICA, global visionary business leaders and experts are converging to GITEX AFRICA’s MAIN STAGE to share their bold and inspiring perspectives on the continent’s digital future. With the theme “Go There” MAIN STAGE will delve into a wide range of cutting-edge technology and innovations in the fields of government, sustainability, food security, healthcare and energy . Join us to discover how AFRICA is poised to become the global epicenter of digital excellence and a catalyst for investment opportunities, all while promoting equality, inclusion and the fundamental human right of digital identity for all ….and especially for the African youth!



Are you ready to be at the forefront of AFRICA’s financial revolution? Join us at GITEX AFRICA’s Fintech Conference and witness cutting-edge developments, unique ideas and innovative trends in mobile payment technology, embedded finance, cross border payments and remittances. Over 100 leading financial service companies and most disruptive startups will showcase their path-breaking innovations and unique ideas. As we explore the future of fintech in AFRICA we will delve into questions that are forefront of the African financial services industry . How much impact will be embedded finance have on AFRICA’s financial inclusion? What is the true future of payments in a continent where a significant portion of the population is still unbanked? Discover how fintech is helping AFRICA leapfrog technology adoption, bringing banking to the unbanked, and dramatically improving financial inclusion across the continent.


GITEX AFRICA Digital Cities track is a pivotal event gathering the brightest minds in technology, urban planning, government and private sector to redefine the future of digital infrastructure in AFRICA . As AFRICA’s population continues to grow with disproportionally young population that has unique needs and aspirations, the leaders across AFRICA are under pressure to build the necessary infrastructure and implement cutting-edge technologies to ensure their citizens have access to tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital age. How is AFRICA fast-tracking to an integrated and inclusive digital infrastructure? Is AFRICA ready to serve the needs of digitally savvy young population? What’s the status of 5G/LTE network implementations necessary to bring faster and more reliable internet access to millions of Africans?




As AFRICA continues to experience a technological revolution, driven by the rapid expansion of networks, sensors, AI and automation, the continent is on the cusp of reaching new heights. The internet economy is expected to contribute $180 billion to the African economy by 2025, yet despite this rapid growth, AFRICA’s level of commitment to cybersecurity and capacity to respond to threats remain low compared to other countries. Recent cyberattacks and vulnerabilities have exposed the dire need for AFRICA to create an intercontinental regulatory cybersecurity framework and to store data in safe and trusted systems that protect privacy and are difficult to breach. The stakes are high as major disruptions caused by cybercrime can have far-reaching consequences for economies, governments and individuals alike.

The Cybersecurity Forum at GITEX AFRICA offers platform for key industry leaders and experts to come together and discover innovative strategies to safeguard their countries against cybercrime . Join us to hear from the leaders discuss immediate action to ensure that AFRICA’s digital future is secure, prosperous and inclusive for all.



10X Stage

AFRICA is determined to empower its youth entrepreneurs and show the world how it contributes to economic growth and diversity.

Digital transforming pledges into action that requires open dialogue and inclusiveness, with all stakeholders, leading venture capitalists, development finance bodies and accelerators working together to forge partnerships, unlock investment and accelerate startups. Be part of an agenda uniting global and regional unicorns, founders, investors and enablers driving the startup ecosystem , along with the future changemakers in tech innovation from pan-AFRICA and beyond.

Gathering the world’s brightest founders, investors and corporate innovators to co-create our future.
Meet the tech stars, unicorn founders and startup ecosystems from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, South AFRICA, Egypt and over 15 African countries.

Hear from Founders, Emerging Tech Hubs, Unicorns, Investors and Venture builders. 3 days of success stories and debates as founders and investors take centre stage.

  • What defines a more supportive framework to catalyse growth in AFRICA?
  • Why are more African Founders Setting up Globally to Grow?
  • Do Africans Trust Fintech Platforms More than the Banking Systems?
  • What Will it Take to Create the Next tech Unicorn in AFRICA?
  • Unicorn-Investor share the stage to talk about attractiveness
  • Down rounds abound, investors share their game plans for 2023
  • Raise Now or Wait?



The world is currently witnessing a major shift in technological advancements and AFRICA is not left behind . With more young Africans taking the lead in innovation the continent is transforming into a hub of technological development. But what is the impact of these successful young Africans on the upcoming generation of professionals? In this series of on-stage talks and interviews we will explore the stories of African technology and entrepreneurship leaders. From tech entrepreneurs, product designers, celebrity investors and community catalysts we will look at how these individuals are using technology to solve some of AFRICA’s most pressing challenges, how they have overcome career obstacles to achieve success and discuss the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem that can help drive growth for the localisation of technology development. A stage that aims to inspire and motivate young Africans to take the lead and pursue careers in technology to create the next generation of innovators.





AFRICA is teaming with untapped potential for solar and wind power and the development of clean technologies. But with the climate change, growing energy demands and inadequate infrastructure, AFRICA is facing daunting challenge to meet the energy needs of its rapidly growing population. This is also a tremendous opportunity for AFRICA to bypass traditional fuels and build sustainable systems based on clean renewable sources . Be a part of conversation at the energy track at GITEX AFRICA where policy makers, business leaders and tech experts will gather to discuss the most pressing issues related to clean energy. Join AFRICA’s energy revolution and stay actively involved, while the world is transitioning to a net- zero future.


GITEX AFRICA Healthcare track will be a place of discovery of the latest trends and technological advances that can support better patient management, universal healthcare access and disease prevention in AFRICA. Imagine a world where IoT, AI, Machine Learning, sensors make it easier to monitor individuals’ health in remote areas - that world is closer then you think. With over 400 million people living on the continent with little or no access to healthcare it’s time to act. Join us at GITEX AFRICA and hear from game-changers of African healthcare revolution on how they are transforming the quality of health and longevity in AFRICA. Let’s make history together!



Achieving zero hunger in AFRICA may seem like a far-off dream but with the technologies, platforms and resources available today AFRICA free from hunger is within reach. By energizing the private sector, scaling food production for millions of African farmers and SMEs and transforming food chains with technologies, we can change the status quo. Agriculture track at GITEX AFRICA will convene 100+ technology, business and government leaders to discuss how to improve access to technologies and finance for agriculture SMEs and develop the infrastructure for the agritech sector to thrive . This is the crucial gathering to address the needs of structural transformation in agriculture – don’t miss to be the part of shaping AFRICA’s food security and eliminating hunger.