30-31 MAY 2024

In Africa, the pursuit of sustainable development is an urgent imperative, where innovative solutions and collaborative efforts are key to forging a path towards a thriving and resilient future. Embarking on a journey towards sustainable development, we recognize the critical challenges in water security, agriculture, and energy. Technology is the linchpin, with advanced sensors ensuring clean water, agritech revolutionizing agriculture, and sustainable energy sources powering economies. Governments, businesses, and communities are embracing these changes to build resilient systems.

Our vision is to drive cross-sector collaboration and innovation for Africa's sustainable development. By bringing together thought leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and investors, we aim to create a future where Africa thrives with secure water access, sustainable agriculture, and reliable clean energy.

Attended by Policy Makers, Associations, Banks, Startups, Climate tech Investors, Chief Sustainability Officers and more...


30 MAY 2024


Shaping a $180 Billion Sustainable Future
Time to reimagine the continent is now. Africa stands at a critical juncture in its fight against climate change. Find out what world leaders are saying about prioritising sustainability and climate change in a time of disruption. 

Main Themes:

  • Responsible path toward a decarbonised economy
  • Good governance and action to combat climate shocks
  • Just Energy Transition: Investment in Grid Modernisation and Capacity
  • Harnessing abundant renewable resources to elevate the share of renewable investments from 2%
  • Socio-economic footprint of the energy transition and environment preservation
  • Green employment, accessibility and inclusion matters in Africa

30 MAY 2024


Trailblazing a $90 Billion Path to Food Security
Africa’s leading minds in agricultural technology unveil groundbreaking solutions and investment avenues, addressing food insecurity both on the continent and overseas, but is chronically underpowered.

Main Themes:

  • Farming the future for 60% of the planet’s arable land
  • Reaching zero waste across the end-to-end food and agriculture value chain
  • Innovations in climate-smart agriculture for small and medium farmers
  • Sustainable supply chains to deal with food, climate change and malnourishment
  • Risk Mitigation & Innovation in Agriculture Finance
  • AI, Data & Robots on African farms to penetrate the global $17.8 billion market

31 MAY 2024


Accessing the $12 Billion Water Market and Save 5.2 Billion at Risk
Water security is a dire situation and only getting worse. The pursuit of water security, resilience, universal access to water and sanitation services, and sustainable economic development have become key drivers for investment in the country’s public wastewater infrastructure. Discuss the UN SDG 6 with the most influential stakeholders on how investing in water can pay off. 

Main Themes:

  • Future of Water Access Defined by Technology
  • Role of development banks and businesses to save the critically water insecure countries
  • Biodiversity, Waste Management and Circular Economy
  • Investment in WASH and water infrastructure 
  • Building for resilience to disasters
  • Transboundary water cooperation between countries and regions